Jun 262018

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Foreign direct investments (FDI)

A world scale picture of international capital investing flows during the 1990 – 2015 year interval

FDI is foreign direct investments of an(y) individual country and when (and where) world-wide view, FDI is compulsorily accompanied and completed by DIA, direct investments abroad, which are just the opposite sense flows. We mean, by comparison, that FDI might be studied in and for individual countries, e.g. causes, effects, economic and non-economic implications, e.g. FDI sources, legal implications, actors as real and direct (and so on), but all these can skip that the same country equally could have DIA, since it is about two different stories.

On the contrary, in the world view FDI&DIA become the two faces always different from one-another of the same evolving. Then, for the same world view countries – i.e. national and federal economies – are the most highly appropriate entities to talk about in this contest as well as in other economic contests of events.

Then, it is about WIR 2016 providing the last world data on FDI&DIA. We mean that this makes our paper below to be just on identifying FDI (&DIA) international flows world-wide the most reliable and intelligible way for anyone who reads it. There will be international (directly invested) capital, i.e. FDI&DIA flows (on the one hand) carried by countries (national economies/I) grouped into regions (R) and then parts of continents (T/on the other). So staying far from econometrics and mathematical approach our paper below will meet methodological simplifications reminiscent of such a specific research work.

This study will be world-wide in space, while in time terms it will be on the 1990-2015 year interval Or, this is really significant, and not only for strengthening observation by data abundance and interval’s extended length in all study cases. Two more specific reasons here come for the capital issue that here is international and shaped as FDI&DIA flows.



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