Dalina Andrei

Dalina Andrei (born in 1970, Ploiesti) is a researcher in economics at the Institute of Money and Finance (1995-1996) and Institute of Economic Forecasting (since 2002), Bucharest. Her work has been focused on the issue of ‘foreign direct investments’, which was also the subject of her Ph.D. paper defended in April 2008.

She has also focused on tourism, life quality and other economic issues and attended a course in international finance developed by ‘World Bank’ in 1996, and a research fellowship under a “Jean Monnet” Programme by the RECSA Organization, in 2005, at the “Institute of Economics” of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, both in Sofia, Bulgaria. A book collectively written by young researchers of diverse areas, named “The European Union in 2005. Candidate Countries’ Perspectives” and published in 2005, also in Sofia was the result of this program.

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Foreign direct investments (FDI)