Valentina Alexa


valentina_alexaValentina Alexa es Business Development Manager en Alexa Piggeries Pty Ltd y se dedica actualmente al proyecto ”Alexa Controlling Project”.


In Romania, 2000-2004: Doctoral Degree, Management, West University of Timi?oara, Romania. Pioneer work for Romania. 1987-1992: Bachelor Degree, ECONOMICS (Bachelor in Industrial, Construction and Transport Economy), West University of Timi?oara, Romania.

In England 1999: Nottingham Trent University, Visiting Academic, World Bank scholarship- Organizational Management.

In Austria 1997: Economic University, Vienna, Specialization, Graduate courses: Strategic Management & Controlling  & Human Resource Management.

In Australia 2015, Australia Life Coaching, Gold Coast QLD, Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching & Certificate in Abundance Coaching


2007 to present: Associate Professor PhD, West University of Timi?oara, Romania, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Management Department &  Business Development Manager, Alexa Piggeries Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia (2011 to present)

University Lecturer (2001-2007),  University Teaching Assistant (1996-2001), Associate Teaching Assistant (1994-1996), West University of Timi?oara, Romania, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Management Department & Teaching Assistant, Mihai Eminescu University, Timi?oara , Romania  (1995),  Economist, Timi?oara, Romania (1992-1995).


11 books in the fields of Controlling, Human Resource Management, Ergonomics, of which: 8 books – sole author, 1 – first author, 2 – co-author (1 book translated into English and assessed in Germany).

58 peer reviewed publications published in the Romanian and international journals and presented at international congresses, conferences, symposiums and other various Management events and 13 national and international research projects.


2006-2010: Founder, coordinator and professor: first postgraduate course in the field of controlling in a Romanian university: Controlling – a modern subsystem of management”- West University of Timi?oara, Romania.

2004: One of the first PhD Thesis on Controlling published in Romania-pioneering work

2002: Founder of the Controlling discipline at the West University of Tim?oara, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.


Subjects  taught: Human Resource Management, Controlling, Ergonomics, Career Management, Entrepreneurship


Member of the Internationaler Controller Verein, Germany (International Controller Association)

Member of the General Association of Romanian Economists, Romania

Member of the Management Research Centre and Organizational Change – Faculty of Economics and Business   Administration –West University of Timisoara, Romania


Management, Controlling, Human Resource Management, Career Management, Entrepreneurship.

Títulos Niram Art: Controlling  – An International Business Perspective, 2016