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José Basilio Casanova

Rethinking Modern Art: from Neoclassicism to Dadaism

Professor Basilio Casanova Varela, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Social Space


“The analogy of the game of chess refers to the conception of transition as process with internal determination. The strategy is the principal factor directly influencing the result. The actors with resources of human capital and with their strategies are those that “play the game”, decide upon the fate of reform. And not just any actors, but, in particular, it is the leaders, the functional equivalent of the players who move the pieces in a game of chess. Chess pieces are carriers of ambiguity. On the one hand they signify the material resources of the agents. They are the visible stock with whose help the player can win the game. This is the associative metaphor between player and pieces. There is, however, also a metaphor based on the opposition between player and pieces: the first is the actor of the elite, agent of construction, and the pieces are the symbol for masses, for those who experience the reform due to some mechanisms of restraint or social contagion. In the reforms effected by constraint of the kind promoted by soviet occupation, the chess pieces are not resources, rather they are the masses. At the limit, in democratic reforms, the chess pieces are material resources. In fact, even in democratic transitions, the metaphor of chess pieces can be read in both senses, as reference to the resources of the elite and as the masses that are influenced by the elite.”

Professor Dumitru Sandu

luminita cocarta portda Niram Art


Luminita Andrei Cocârta is a Professor in Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, from “AI. I. Cuza” University of Iasi.

“Language is needed in understanding culture, and culture is a vital component of studying language. This book focuses on the interplay between Language, culture and international Communication. Divided into three parts, it covers: Culture, language and Intercultural Communication in professional contexts. Each part begins with a lucid and detailed introduction, and is enhanced by discussion questions, study activities and further reading sections. Alongside a comprehensive Resource List, focusing on important reference books, journals, organisations and websites and an annotated Glossary of key terms, I think it would prove beneficial in providing an essential overview for both students and Faculty members interested to know more on these typical issues.”

Dr. Soumen Mukherjee

Niram Art Fiction Collection

Mission 109, the Tragedy of LBG

Héctor Martinez Sanz

With the Second World War as background, the desert as backstage and nine men fighting for their lives, the novel Mission 109 introduces us to an extreme and disturbing situation. The story, well known in the world of military aviation, serves as a starting point for the writer Héctor Martínez Sanz, who manages to weave an allegorical story that transcends the historical circumstances of the tragedy that the crew of the Lady Be Good bomber went through – Lidia Fernández, art critic

Mission 109, the Tragedy of LBG - Héctor Martinez Sanz , Niram Art

Héctor Martínez SanzHéctor Martínez Sanz (Madrid, 1979) graduated in Philosophy from Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He is the founder and director of the cultural magazine “Madrid en Marco”. Books: Misión 109, (2013), Baruch Elron, 2012, Pentagon (2010), Maranatha (co-author), 2011, Tudor (co-author), 2011, Amor y otros mitos en Michel Houellebecq,(co-author), 2012, César Antonio Molina – Viajes al fin de Finisterre, (co-author), 2012.

Awards: MAC`2012 Cultural Promotion Award, MAC Portugal; Niram Art Special Mihai Eminescu Contest Award  2010; Amicus Romaniae Award 2010, ICR Madrid.


Iván M.I.E.D.H.O

When was the last time you took a look at yourselves in the mirror? When was the last time you took a good look inside yourselves? To go through thousands of dark corridors, to open the forbidden rooms, blurring your own boundaries, changing the rules… It’s so hard. There he is, always present, that guardian who dictates and whom you obey. He threatens you with broken dreams and thousands of ghosts. He deceives you with hopes and gives you honey to make your sleep sweet. Anything works as long as you look away, as long as you don’t think about who you are, or what you have become, or about how pathetic and insignificant your lives are. Your darker side is always hiding behind a smile. Your ambitions get disguised as good manners. Your acts are justified by love. Afraid of losing all the garbage you have accumulated over the years.

That’s the reflection the mirror gives back to you. Today you miss something you are eager for. A life that someone promised you when you were little. But the reflection is inflexible and it only shows the reality.

“Let’s dance between your fire and my alcohol, within our abyss, in our corner, lying, telling us our secrets, pretending to care, and selling dreams.”

Today you have in your hands a half-truth. A book where everything is false and true at the same time. Your eyes will see and read an alternative life. The life of someone who could be anyone of you. You are about to go through a cursed mirror from which too many ghosts are coming out. Welcome to the world of your nightmares.

Courageless – Iván MIEDHO, Niram Art

Iván M.I.E.D.H.O

M.I.E.D.H.O. graduated in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense of Madrid. As an artist he works mainly in photography, painting, video design and 3D images. Books: Courageless, 2013, Baruch Elron in Spain (co-author), 2014

Awards: Magic Movies Award 2013, offered by the German production house Magic Movies, Niram Art Photography Award 2010

The Night of the Scorpions

Arnoldo Tauler

What was the route that Hitler took to escape from the bunker when Berlin was surrounded by Soviet troops? Where and how did they prepare the doubles that he used for this mission? Where did he spend the last years of his life? Which foreign governments helped him escape? Why was he murdered and who killed him? Where is Hitler buried today? Why hasn’t the Nazi organization “The Man Who Will Come” spared any resources in order to locate the “cylinder” with the microfilms that contain the three most important secrets of the Nazis and which was hidden inside Hitler’s body: The Sleeping Accounts, The Gold of the Tiber and The White Enigma? What part did the Vatican play in this plot of intrigue, mystery, suspense and history?

The reader will find the answers to these questions and to many others in this novel, which brings together real characters and facts intertwined in a fascinating historical plot that until now hasn’t been offered a valid solution.

Arnoldo Tauler


Arnoldo Tauler

The Night of the Scorpions – Arnoldo Tauler, Niram Art

Arnoldo Tauler, graduated in Hispanic Languages and Literature from the University of Oriente – Santiago de Cuba. He is a literary and historical investigator, a writer, and a director of radio, film and television. His literary works include: The Stained Snail /El caracol manchado, Quetzal, War against the Eclipse / Batalla contra el Eclipse, Shahida, Chat Room, General Shadow / El general Sombra, The Sentinels of the Aurora / Los centinelas de la Aurora, The Seven Steps of Indictment / Los siete pasos del Sumario, Cagüeyro, The Launch / La puesta en marcha, How to Write a Screenplay / Como escribir guiones de Cine y Televisión, Film and TV Artistic Direction / Dirección Artística de Cine y Televisión, Don’t Kill the Ideas / Las ideas no se matan, The Returning Blood/La sangre regresada, The Husks of Man / Las cáscaras del hombre, Short Stories of Seburoco / Cuentos de Seboruco and the Fisherman of Fantasies / El pescador de Fantasías. Some of his writings have been translated into English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and Braille.

Night in the Bay of Manhattan

Diego Vadillo López

Diego Vadillo López is a professor of Spanish Literature, author of several books: Don Hez Pecunia Dior y los hijos de Pauta, 2014; Orfebrerías de lo sublime, 2014; El funcionario de pasiones, 2013; El Planeta de los nimios, 2013; El eje barroco, 2013; Gómez de la Serna era trotskista, 2011; Lirismos de lo horizontal, 2011; La Bolsa o la Lira, 2011.

Awards: Niram Art Manuscript Award for the novel “Shopping at Tzara”, 2011

Night in the Bay of Manhattan – Diego Vadillo López

Niram Art Academic Collection

The History of Modern Asia

Sorin Mitu

The History of Modern Asia, Sorin Mitu, Niram Art

Mathematics 1990-2013

Javier Molina

Mathematics 1990-2013 - Javier Molina, Niram Art

Niram Art Classics Collection


André Breton

Nadja, Niram Art

Poet in New York

Federico García Lorca

Poet in New York, Federico Garcia Lorca

On the Origin of Species

Charles Darwin

On the Origin of Species – Charles Darwin


The Lost World

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle,The Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle

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